FreakEasy New Year’s Eve 2017

Download mix:

FLAC (261 MB)

48 minutes 34 seconds

To bring you the best quality audio, every track I play is lossless and my mixes are only available in the lossless FLAC and WAV formats. Just about any music player will work with WAV, but WAV takes up almost double the space (and download time) as FLAC. To play FLAC files:

  • Windows 10, GNU/Linux, and Android: just about any music player should work
  • Mac OS X and older versions of Windows: I recommend Clementine
  • iOS: I recommend VLC Mobile

If you’re on a smartphone, you may want to download the mix when you have WiFi on.

Performed at FreakEasy New Years Eve 2017 at 3AM, outside at the Metro in Chicago. I used a Hercules P32 controller and RME Babyface Pro sound card with Mixxx DJ software.

Track list:

  1. Auditive Escape – Beats Per Feeling
  2. A Path Untold – Consciousness Aqueduct
  3. Phaeleh – Mountain
  4. Evan Marc – Lineform
  5. Bonobo – Cirrus
  6. Erothyme – Opalescent Iris
  7. Haywyre – Mindchamber
  8. Russ Liquid – Three In One
  9. Spoonbill – Driftwood Palace
  10. Plantrae – Invisible Forest
  11. Pretty Lights – At Last I Am Free

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