Evanston Ecstatic Dance 2018-05-06

FLAC (599 MB)

1 hour 44 minutes

I played this set at the first Evanston Ecstatic Dance. It was a lot of fun to play for this audience where literally everyone was dancing. The first 25 minutes begin with ambient music while the audience was stretching, then gradually builds to more energetic dance music and comes back down.

To bring you the best quality audio, every track I play is lossless and my mixes are only available in the lossless FLAC and WAV formats. Just about any music player will work with WAV, but WAV takes up almost double the space (and download time) as FLAC. To play FLAC files:

  • Windows 10, GNU/Linux, and Android: just about any music player should work
  • macOS and older versions of Windows: I recommend Clementine
  • iOS: I recommend VLC Mobile

If you’re on a smartphone, you may want to download the mix when you have WiFi on.

Track list:

  1. Invisible Allies – Harmonic Tectonics (The Great Mundane Remix)
  2. School of Crystal Healing – Parallax Oasis
  3. Evan Bartholomew – TOMORROW: Surrender
  4. Phaeleh – Orbits
  5. Jaja – Medeor
  6. Warmth – Waves
  7. Thievery Corporation – All That We Perceive
  8. Tycho – Daydream
  9. Late Night Radio – Find Something
  10. The Polish Ambassador – Live Inside a Dream ft. Ayla Nereo
  11. Guitar – Maki
  12. Tipper – Neuron Huskie
  13. Bassnectar – So Butterfly (2014 Version)
  14. Plantrae – Never Fly Again
  15. Emancipator – Minor Cause
  16. Bonobo – The Fever
  17. Skytree – Blue Verve Vein
  18. Chris Dacosse – Island Shore
  19. Christina Holmes – I Love You
  20. Moon Frog – Shapes and Colors
  21. Bluetech – Prohetics Sines
  22. Pretty Lights – Solamente
  23. Lapa – Dropping Bows (Feat. Cedar Miller)
  24. Erothyme – Pines and Leaves (Corporeal Remix)

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