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Hi, my name is Be. I like to DJ an eclectic blend of chill music you can dance to. You can download my demo mix:

FLAC (236 MB)
43 minutes
To bring you the best quality audio, every track I play is lossless and my demo mix is only available in the lossless FLAC and WAV formats. Just about any music player will work with WAV, but WAV takes up almost double the space (and download time) as FLAC. Unfortunately, most music players do not support FLAC. To play FLAC files, I recommend the free Clementine music player because it works on Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux. On smartphones, Android natively supports FLAC with any music player program, but iOS requires special FLAC-compatible programs. If you’re on a smartphone, you may want to download the mix when you have WiFi on.

I use Mixxx DJ software with an RME Babyface Pro sound card and Electrix Tweaker controller.


  1. Emancipator – Greenland
  2. Random Rab – Perceiver
  3. Phaeleh – Healing (feat. Indi Kaur)
  4. Bluetech – 667
  5. Bonobo – Kiara
  6. Haywyre – Mindchamber
  7. Pretty Lights – Almost Familiar
  8. Hidden Orchestra – Dust
  9. Tor – Heikki
  10. Auditive Escape – Let Go
  11. Tipper – Dead Soon

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